Migrating a customer database

Migrating a customer database

One of our clients has a database with 9000 customers.  He recently migrated to a new customer management system (CRM).  Unfortunately, all data pertaining to the insurance did not make it to the new system.

Furthermore, it did not allow importing the data in any format (excel, csv, text).  The client had thus started typing it by hand.  

9000 customers, 30s per record ⇢ 75h

Of course, nobody can stare at a screen 75h straight.  So including breaks and corrections they were looking at 100h of work.  But most importantly, would there be no mistakes?

That is a perfect job for a "Browser Robot".

After a 5 minute demonstration of the data entry and a brief clarification about their objectives I took over.  Bermuda Automation created the bot and let it do its work.  As it was working, it compiled statistics on customers with missing records and printed a report.  And of course, the speed is unmatched.

Practically any interaction that a human can do with a browser can be done by a browser robot.  Think:

  1. Logging in, Logging out, typing passwords
  2. Filling in forms
  3. Drop down menus
  4. Searching and clicking on results
  5. Saving or sending

If you need to increase the quality of your data and save employee time, we can probably help you.

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