Automatic Industry Reports

This project turned data on the internet into a report on the Real Estate trends in Bermuda.

There were multiple inputs to this project:

  • Real estate sales data
  • Map & geographic data
  • Annual Rental Value data

The data came from different sources (excel sheets, websites, google).  To obtain some of the data, we built an internet robot to open nearly 500 pages online and read the numbers and addresses there.   Once all the data was gathered into a single spreadsheet, graphs and statistics could be compiled automatically.  The initial work allowed the customer to create a quarterly report which can produce itself in 1/2h.

An example graph for the Annual Rental Value per Parish

In projects like this one, the biggest challenge is the quality of the input data.  Did someone misspell the Parish? Or add an extra zero to the price? Maybe they put the address in the wrong column?  We automatically catch the most common errors and run sanity checks or flag them for the expert to review.

If you need to increase the quality of your data and save employee time, we can probably help you.

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